About Us

Meet Tracy Hart - The Grow Wise Minds Story

Hello! I am a school psychologist and a teacher with over 25 years experience working with little ones in child care and primary schools and with young adults in secondary schools.

The Beginning:

When I am working with young people, it really stands out when they have a solid foundation of healthy thinking and coping strategies. It is my guess that somewhere in their early years they have had significant adults who have modelled these frameworks. As a result, their ability to navigate tough times, including mental illness, is strengthened – they are more resilient.

So at the risk of doing myself out of a job, I am always thinking about how to give caregivers the frameworks they need to develop these thinking and coping strategies really early.

The Story Grows:

My gorgeous brother is a Dad to two beautiful young boys. When his cherubs came along, to my surprise he was not interested in his bossy big sister imparting wisdom.. what? Nor would he read any of the books I collected, or go to the courses I suggested! And he didn’t have Facebook for a stream of parenting advice. BUT he would take note of the occasional image/meme I texted him from afar… especially if it had a touch of humour and was succinct. And so the concept of Info Art was born…

Bringing Series One Together:

Wandering through a Market in Leederville one day, I came across Janet Pan and Little Sketchy. If you see her work you will know why I really hoped she might be interested in helping me with Series One. Janet has a heart of gold and a desire to change the world through her art. The perfect fit for Grow Wise Minds!

Info Art Series One and our Special Events Calendar is just the beginning for Grow Wise Minds. Our vision moving forward will stay the same. To help you build foundations for mental wellness by putting simple frameworks in your daily view. Frameworks that are succinct but also encapsulate the essence of a broad range of psychological research.

I would like to thank all the young people that I have worked with and my amazing friends and family for their inspiration, influence and advice. All of the Series One characters are named after special people – except Ned. I just like the name Ned.

I wish you all the best in growing wise minds in your village.